About Us

Mission Statement

Blessed By Design – Kamesha Blessed here to Uplift, Inspire and Encourage women to seek their God given talents so they can live in purpose on purpose. Simply because GOD is the designer. Blessed By Design Mission is to help women recognize we are all made perfectly imperfect by Gods design through awareness, commitment, and practice. Once one has discovered their God given talents, they should go after them and allow God to bless them in purpose on purpose.

The blessings and gifts God give us are in return for us to uplift, inspire and encourage others. Building Awareness Knowing yourself, what is important to you, aligning with your purpose, and understanding how your actions or inactions, strengths or weaknesses affect others. Building Commitment: Helping others to consider the consequences for their actions by replacing fear with faith. Building Practice: Without practice, there is no transformation to help others identify what to practice. Practice will allow them to breath life, vitality, and momentum in their new awareness and commitment journey.

My Story "Gracefully Broken"

Compelling and inspirational. This book shares the journey of Miracle, a strong young woman who stumbled many times while finding the way to her triumphant truth. From her days as a booster, to her transition to a successful entrepreneur, wife, and mother. Miracle’s story is one of an unstoppable force determined to be more than what her environment expected of her.

 Miracle’s story eventually leads her to a life changing night that almost killed her and, resulted in the death of her husband at the hands of the police. That night could and would have broken most women. However, Miracle views this night as the one that strengthened her faith and made her realize that she could spend the rest of her life broken or consider it God’s way of stepping in to show her the beauty of being gracefully broken. This night solidified her understanding that every life experience she’s had was meant to be used as a living testimony to others of God’s ability to protect, provide, forgive and, heal.

This is a relevant book that touches the heart and paints a realistic picture of the challenges and triumphs that today’s modern woman can experience.

About the Author: Kamesha Blessed wrote this book inspired by her own life experiences with the honesty, candor, and faith filled depth of a woman determined to not just survive but; thrive in the face of unimaginable circumstances. Her hope is that her sharing this story at a time when so many women feel ashamed and alone; will help other women find the strength and power to turn their own personal pain into the purpose God has designed for their life.